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11th - 19th September 2021

SFW is a programme of community led events, focusing on fashion habits that are kinder to our planet and people.

Behind-The-Scenes Upcycling Video

Upcycling old denim jeans into a new garment - A made-to-measure asymmetric skirt!



I’m Christiana McKenna, founder of CHRISTIANA, a sustainable slow fashion brand located in Sheffield UK! 


I started up CHRISTIANA when I had the opportunity to co-own a fashion boutique in Dronfield! Where I’ve set up my studio at the back and sell my designs through the shop, with the view to offer people the option to choose better quality and thoughtful clothing.


I developed my interest for sustainable fashion design during my GCSE’s, and after graduating in Fashion Design I went on to work in London as a Design Assistant for a couple of Womenswear brands. Slowly developing CHRISTIANA with a strong focus on sustainability!


I will always aspire to design in sustainable ways, better for the planet and people. I love transforming and upcycling old garments, recycling textiles and designing timeless pieces with multiple ways to wear them.


Enjoy the rest of SFW!

Onto my next design!


As we come to the end of SFW, I wanted to let you all know my next steps. On my desk today I have some initial design ideas, colour pallets and fabric swatches, getting ready for my next collection. 


Next week I will be starting on my next collection CHRISTIANA Evolved! Which will be an ongoing collection of recycled and one-of-a-kind styles! I will only be using old disregarded materials and clothing to create my new styles, meaning each piece will be completely unique and a lot of fun to make!


Stay tuned for when new designs come out!