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CHRISTIANA is a sustainable slow fashion brand located in the UK, founded by fashion design graduate Christiana McKenna.

Her designs have positive impacts on our environment and people. Christiana started up her brand with the view to offer people the option to choose better quality and thoughtful clothing.

After graduating in 2018 and working in the fashion industry for a few years, she had the opportunity to co-own a fashion boutique, where she was able to start up and develop CHRISTIANA and sell her creations through the shop.

She is extremely passionate about sustainable fashion and gets her inspiration from nature.



“I developed my interest for sustainable fashion design during my GCSE Textiles class, where I created my first ever recycled garment. Ever since, I've had a strong passion for creating sustainable designs, such as transformed, recycled, reversible and multifunctional garments.

Taking my passion through to A-Levels and University, I developed my graduate womenswear collection ('Made In Sheffield' - Final Major Project) with inspiration from my home city Sheffield and its well known steel industry. My collection looks at silhouettes and details of steelwork structures and I focussed on sustainability where I recycled old denim jeans and jackets.

I went on to work in Central London for a few years, as a Design Intern and Design Assistant for a couple of Womenswear brands.

After, I started to develop CHRISTIANA with a strong focus on sustainability and to offer timeless and thoughtful garments."


Christiana McKenna

Sustainable Fashion Designer

BA (Hons) Fashion Design





CHRISTIANA was created to provide a transparent, slow fashion brand which offers timeless pieces, crafted together through sustainable fashion techniques with low to zero waste.

Christiana McKenna designs with the consumers' needs and interests in mind and carefully looks into sustainable options and solutions that will have positive impacts on our environment and society.

We are proud to say that all stages of design and production are processed carefully and responsibly and we provide transparency on all aspects of the production. CHRISTIANA’s main inspiration is nature and we aim to be as sustainable as possible. 


Our Promise


Our geographic location of Sheffield relates to Christiana’s perspective on the fashion industry as she lives so close to the countryside and the Peak District. Growing up around such beautiful nature inspires her to help create a more sustainable future, with zero waste and more positive impacts on our environment. 

Aspiring to make these changes to the fashion industry, results in us creating timeless, sustainable and thoughtful designs.

Christiana will always aspire to look for and design in sustainable and ethical ways that will make a change to our environment and today's fashion industry. 

“I love to create designs where I transform and upcycle old garments, recycle textiles and design timeless pieces with multiple ways to wear them.”

Our intentions are to reduce the amount of waste in our environment, reduce the consumption needs in today’s society and preserve raw materials. Also ensuring animal welfare, human wellbeing and equality and using sustainably made materials.